Conveyor FT-403A

This machine is an ergonomic double-side, filling and packaging conveyor, which is directly connected to the metal detection machine or sealer. There are multiple options that can accommodate 4, 6 or 8 operators.
This conveyor have moveable double-side table, operators can sorting, packing or labeling.Have a set of rotating transmission wheels and an easily detachable support plane frame, making it easier to disassemble for clean and disinfecting. The speed of the conveyor can adjust by frequency converter.

  • Conveyor speed and frequency are adjustable.

  • Keep the work area clean.

  • Suitable for the raw material initial processing, cutting and packaging.

Dimension: L5920 x W1130 x H830 mm

Power: 1HP

Material properties:
 1. All stainless steel, include gears, chains and bearings. (electrolysis)
 2. Sanitary white or blue flat conveyor belt.