Rotary Packing Table FT-406A

Variable turntable speed: From 0 to 6 rpm.
Turntable Diameter: 43" (1100mm).
Turntable Height: 32" (812mm).
FoodTec rotary table is an effective solution to streamline packaging operations. The rotating table can be placed at the end of a conveyor or as a standalone unit to help in the assembly or packing of a product. The standard turntable includes variable speed rotation and a stainless steel top. It is designed to provide long lasting service in the demanding fresh food manufacturing environment.
  • Sanitary no-weld table surface. 
  • Includes variable speed drive for rotation speed control. 
  • Optimal work height positioning. 
  • Sturdy turntable support. 
  • Stainless steel construction. 
  • Long-lasting durable. 
  • Equipped with emergency stop switch.

Dimension: L1100 x W1100 x H800 mm

Power: 1/3HP