Vision & Inspection Conveyor with Light FT-412A

The FoodTec Vision & Inspection Conveyor with Light is suitable for inspect the quality of fruits and vegetables before packaging. When the fruits and vegetables move along the conveyor belt, the penetrating light under the conveyor belt shines upward to illuminate the fruits and vegetables, increasing the visibility of workers on the production line and making it easier to check the quality of fruits and vegetables. Can remove foreign matter or substandard product, such as surface damage, abnormal color, rot, overripe, immature or hair, etc., improve work efficiency.
The speed of conveyor belt and the light color are adjustable. The light has a variety of colors, like white, red, blue, green, etc. Use different color for different product or purpose to reach the inspection requirement. The Vision & Inspection Conveyor with Light is equipped with four light panels as standard, which can independently display different colors at the same time, allowing workers to eliminate defective products and foreign matter through different lighting colors. The conveyor belt speed and light color can be adjusted through the control box panel below, which is easy to operate. We can customize the color of light according to different product, such as purple, pink, orange and other required colors.
  • The conveyor belt speed is adjustable.
  • The light color is adjustable.
  • Standard light colors are: white, red, green and blue, other colors can be selected such as: purple, pink, orange and etc.
  • The length, width and height of the machine can be customized to reach customer requirement.
  • The standard is with four light panels, which can be increased or reduced according to the length of the conveyor.
  • The light panel can be displayed independently and lights of different colors appear at the same time.

Dimension: L3820 x W970 x H930 mm

Power: 2.25KW


  1. All stainless steel with electrolytic polished
  2. Use imported white PU flat conveyor belt (with material certificate)