Circular blade cutting machines FT-301A

Cutting width (operational width): 550 mm.
Blade diameter: 300 mm.
Distances of circular blades (cutting width): from 15-35 mm depending on the products.
Different cutting rollers are available for different cutting width, starting with 15 mm.
Maximum height of products cuts approx.150 mm, depending on the products cut.
The distance between the blades is fixed on one blade shaft is equipped with the scraper comb.
Conveyor speed: 15M / Min.
FoodTec circular blade cutting machine is suitable for a wide variety of leafy vegetables need to be cut uniformly at high production capacities with a high cut quality in a short time. The operator puts the products on the driven infeed conveyor belt and then the products pass through the circular cutting blades to be cut into uniform and consistent cut width within seconds. The advantages of this simple and economic cutting solution: high throughput and perfectly cut of uniform and consistent cut width. Time savings and operator convenience for routine sanitation and maintenance.
  • Uniformly cutting width for a wide variety of leafy vegetables at high production capacities.
  • Safety cover for blades.
  • Uniform and consistent cut width within seconds.
  • Hygienic and sturdy construction.
  • High quality for durability and long-life cycle.
  • Infeed conveyor belt.
  • High throughput and best product appearance.

Dimension: L2800 x W1000 x H1000~1400 mm

Power: 2HP