Multipurpose vegetable cutting machine FT-304E

Multipurpose vegetable cutting machine is suitable for a big variety of cutting applications for vegetables process. This cutting machine with enormous capacity of vegetables need to be cut into slices or strips with a high cut quality in a short time. The product is fed in by an adjustable-speed conveyor and conveyed towards the knife set in a regular, continuous way by a pressing belt located above the inlet, the machine comes with a set of cutting disc to achieve the required thickness and shape. The speed of the infeed belt and cutting disc is adjustable through the frequency converter depending on kind, size and quality of the product as well as the required cutting size. Because of the solid, hygienic construction, all machine parts is made of stainless steel as well as waterproof function. The advantages of this machine for cutting solution: high capacity, perfect cutting quality, labour saving, reduction of preparation time, as well as production efficiency. All these features make it an ideal equipment for wider application in the vegetable processing sector, the food processing factory, central kitchens, catering companies, frozen food companies, etc. This machine can be widely used as a stand-alone machine or connect with a complete production line.
  • Applicable to vegetables cutting very quickly and simply. 
  • With the optional cutting disc, the required thickness and shape can be obtained. 
  • The speed of infeed belt and cutting disc is adjustable depending on the type of product. 
  • High capacity and production efficiency. 
  • Perfect cutting quality. 
  • Time and labour saving.
  • Hygienic, solid construction design.

Dimension: L1000 x W800 x H1200 mm

Power: 3HP

Capacity: 800~1500 kg / hr