Onion halving machine FT-302A

FoodTec onion positioning and halving system to divide into 2 pieces.
The onions are lined up equally on one row and transported to the cutting section by two stainless steel chains. The rotating circular knives divide the onions into 2 pieces. Two stainless steel chains are driven by the motor which is fixed on both sides and connected to the drive motor. The operator can continiously fill the onions into the optimal position- PP material model bowls without pausing. The machine is fitted on a frame and supports with adjustable legs. The cutting section and the drive motor with safety cover. The control panel is fixed to the body of the machine and provided with all switching and safety equipment, frequency controllers and operating buttons.
  • Applicable to onions halving.
  • Perfect dividing quality.
  • Continuous filling without pausing.
  • High output and production efficiency.
  • Safety cover for cutting section and the drive motor.
  • High quality for durability and long-life cycle.
  • Labour savings.
  • Simple operation.

Dimension: L1200 × W500 × H1300 mm

Power: 1HP