Fruit Crusher Machine FT-601A

FoodTec fruit crusher machine is suitable for crushing fruits and vegetables, such as tomato, papaya, pineapple, apple, pear, peach, carrot, orange, lemon, guava and persimmon so on. FoodTec fruit crusher are designed to crush fruits and vegetables to extract juice and pulp. The machine crushes the fruit into small pieces at high speeds during the process, resulting in a mixture composed of liquid and solid parts.
FoodTec crusher mainly consists of feeding hopper, crushing parts, bracket, discharging hopper, transmission parts and so on. The knives are rotating under the driven by the motor, circling its axis, moving in the fixed knives gap, then crushing fruits and vegetables. There are four groups of knives on the rotor, and the rotor has outside serration. Consists of shell body also have inside serration. It's with sturdy structure, great capacity, energy-saving, high efficient and wide applicable range.

  • Advanced sawtooth dish structure to achieve high crushing efficiency. 
  • Fine main body structure design for more smooth running and easier cleaning. 
  • The machine runs stability and easy to operate. 
  • High performance. 
  • Constructed of durable stainless steel. 
  • Great capacity and production efficiency. 
  • High quality for durability and long shelf life.

Dimension: L1214 x W748 x H2135 mm

Power: 10HP