Metal Detector FT-612A

Metal detector employs an unique technology suitable for accurately scanning both wet and dry products. SD series unique signal processing system has greatest sensitivity that can scan any type of products, while common metal detectors are only sensitive to ferrous metals, but not to nonferrous metals, or vice versa, when scanning wet products. Metal detectors tend to operate erratically if there is a vibrating machine nearby or if the machine is installed at an unstable site. A series of vibration-preventive measures are taken for the SD series, which solves a number of problems arising from vibration and realizes stable detection sensitivity. Four different types of scanning mode: Dry, Wet, Aluminum Deposition and Inverse detect (deoxidizer). Common metal detectors tend to operate erratically in fluctuating ambient and product temperatures. SD series are mounted with a function that corrects phase each time a product is inspected (automatic phase-tracking function). It thereby makes possible stabilized inspection capability (not applicable to bulk settings.) An output can be produced on a computer of the time of day and specific details of a fault that has occurred. SD series is capable of handling lines involved with water and can be cleaned with water. Integrated conveyor structure.
  • Unique signal processing system, suitable for scanning both dry and wet products
  • Highly resistant to vibration
  • Four different types of scanning mode: Dry, Wet, Aluminum Deposition and Inverse detect (deoxidizer)
  • The automatic phase-tracking function achieves stable inspection performance even when the ambient temperature changes
  • Stable Inspection Performance
  • Dust-proof and waterproof standard IP65 compliance (Stainless Steel Model)
  • Integrated conveyor structure

Dimension: L1200 x W400 x H850 mm
Power: 1/4HP