Tunnel basket washing machine ( 3 recycled water reservoir) FT-606B

Tunnel basket washing machine is designed for cleaning of small or medium-sized baskets with moderate level of dirt. Leading poles in tunnel can be set in the manner that it is possible to wash baskets of different sizes. This machine consists of main washing part and rinsing part. The recycled water is filtered through a double filtering system during the washing process. The recycled water is heated again in the main recycled water reservoir. The recycled water reservoir in the machine is automatically filled at machine's start. The containers are automatically transported through the washing tunnel by the chain conveyor system. The speed of chains can be adjusted by the control panel depending on the dirt of baskets. The recycled water can be reheated by steam. The washing efficiency depending on the numbers of the recycled water reservoir. Optionally, available with 2, 3, 4, 5 recycled water reservoir. The water consumption is low due to the water recycling system.
  • Applicable to the baskets cleaning. 
  • Consists of main washing part and rinsing part. 
  • The recycled water reservoir is automatically filled at machine's start. 
  • Optionally available with 2, 3, 4, 5 recycled water reservoir. 
  • The speed of chains is adjustable.
  • Significant saving in labors. 
  • Low water consumption.

Dimension: L4130 × W1188 × H1590 mm

Power: 16HP

Capacity: up to approx.10 ~15 pcs per min, depending on kind, size and quality of the product.