Versatile Mixer FT-604A

Versatile Mixer is suitable for mixing a wide variety of products, such as sauces, dishes, mush product, jams and mashed potato, etc. FoodTec mixer can widely use in the restaurants, commercial kitchens, catering companies, central kitchen and food processing factory. FoodTec mixer is equipped with two rotating paddles can mix the products fully and evenly from the top to the bottom. Maximum mixing effect can be achived by precisely matched movable mixing tub and two rotating paddles tools. Applicable to almost all types of products batch mixing, the best possible mixing results can be achieved even with small batches. Operator can place movable mixing tub on the mixer for effortless handing. The mixer with a rotate, forward and reverse function. The operation of forward and reverse and mixing time is adjustable by the timers. Every operation within the overall sequence of operations can be interrupted with the master controller. All the operations are managed by the control pannel positioned on the machine side.
  • Applicable to a wide variety of products batch mixing.
  • The best possible mixing results even with small batches.
  • Equipped with the rotating paddles evenly mix the product.
  • Can be placed movable mixing tub for effortless handing.
  • Significant saving of time and labour.
  • No paint application.
  • Smooth and easy cleanable surface.

Dimension: L1020 x W650 x H1890 mm

Power: 1.5HP