Multifunctional Washer with Steam Hot Water Blanching & Cooling Function FT-103G

FoodTec has developed a multifunctional washer that can be used as steam hot water blanching and cooling as well. The machine has a quick washing cycle, it is not only suitable for washing leaf or root vegetables and fruit but also washing fish, meat and other foods. The swirl bath washing ability allows to lower the cost of labor as well as the consumption of electricity and water. The machine is easy to clean and compliant with hygienic and safe design, it can effectively remove the sand & dirt. The whole machine body is made by all stainless material, sturdy and durable. It is easy to operate and convenient for using, by means of motor driven pump to create the intensity of swirl water to achieve gentle but good washing effect. The powerful water circulation can achieve the best wash effect without any damage to the products. During the washing process, the washing tank will gradually incline to pour out the product from the first washing tank to the third washing tank for a complete washing process. And the design for reducing water consumption that can flow the water from the back tank to the front tank for reusage of water. The washing cycle can be adjusted for every single operation and the washing time is able to change according to different products. The washing water can stay at a low temperature to keep the product fresh and prolong the shelflife. This machine can also be used as blanching equipment to be done by steam hot water of the first tank, immersing in the cool water of the second tank and the icy water of the third tank for cooling. General speaking, the food after blanching process can be fully remained its texture, color, flavor and nutrition. The type of this machine can be available with the application for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 washing tanks.
  • The machine is applicable for a multiple washing in a batch quantity whether leaf vegetables or root vegetables.
  • Functionality with 3 washing tanks: The first tank for rough cleaning, second tank for delicate washing, and the third tank can be used for cooling.
  • This machine can be used for the operation of steam hot water blanching and cooling: the first tank for steam hot water, the second tank for cool water and the third tank for icy water.
  • Powerful swirl bath washing can accomplish the best washing effect to have the best quality of product after wash.
  • The washing process can be with cold water for cooling.
  • The washing time can be adjustable, and the infeed function can be automatically by conveyor or in a manual way.
  • This machine has the technical design for discharging sand and dirt.
  • All stainless turbine pump * 3 units.
  • Rotary hydraulic cylinder * 3 sets.
  • PLC programming with digital control panel.
  • The side of machine body can be manually drained out the water.

Dimension: L2900 x W1840 x H1650 mm

Horse power: 11HP