Tilting Basket Vegetable Washer ( 2 baskets ) FT-103B

FoodTec Tilting Basket Vegetable Washer features a vortex washing system which allows washing rapidly and efficiently. The basket tilts by the hydraulic cylinder to unload the product automatically. FoodTec Tilting Basket Vegetable Washer with perfect washing of not only leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach but heavy products, too. Such as carrot, potato, zucchini, fennel, etc. It can also wash fruit, fish, poultry and defrost frozen foods, etc. The vegetables are placed in the basket that allows washing rapidly but gently with vortex created by the pump. This vortex detaches the most hidden impurities, dirt, sand and soil particles. The water flow brings them out of the holes on the side and bottom of the basket and then discharges out. The vortex intensity and the washing time can be adjusted according to needs. The machine has automatic and manual modes to meet different requirements.
Can also be used for cooling or blanching application by optionally installed either cooling coil or heat exchanger coil at the bottom. The cooling coil can be connected to a chiller (need to prepare by user) for cooling washing to retain the freshness of vegetables and fruits. The heat exchange coil can be connected to a steam boiler (need to prepare by user) for blanching. This washer can add a connecter (optional) which can connect to an additive dosing unit (need to prepare by user) to disinfect the product surfaces for reducing bacteria. The entire machine is made of stainless steel with electrolytic polished, which is sturdy and durable. This machine has variety baskets you can choose, single, double, three, four, five, and six baskets. Can save labor, water and energy, easy to operate, clean and maintain. It's very suitable for the food processing industry.
  • Suitable for batch washing of leafy vegetable and rhizome.
  • Washing time can be adjusted for achieving rapidly but gently wash without damaging the product.
  • The intensity of the vortex can be adjusted and remove the most hidden impurities, dirt, sand and soil particles.
  • With stainless steel perforated filters on the side which can easy to remove and filter suspended solids.
  • The basket is tilted by the hydraulic cylinder for automatic product unloading.
  • With sewage and sand discharge on the bottom.
  • Have automatic and manual modes, can be selected according to needed.
  • Use touch screen to control machine.
  • Except the first basket is used independent water, the water in the back basket can be used for the front basket, to save water. It can also design to use water independently for each basket.
  • There is a manual drain valve on the side of each basket for independent drainage.
  • Can also be used for cooling or blanching application.
  • Can install cooling coil or heat exchange coil at the bottom. (Optional)
  • Can connect to the chiller or steam boiler. (Need to prepare by user)
  • Can add a connecter (optional) for connection to an additive dosing unit. (Need to prepare by user)
  • Available in single, double, three, four, five, and six baskets of tilting basket vegetable washer.
  • Can connect to automatic infeed conveyor and Lifting/Tilting machine (FT-621A) for the automatic washing process.

Dimension: L2070 x W1800 x H1670 mm

Dimension of each basket: 750 x 650 mm (capacity: around 375 liter)

Power: 7HP


  1. All stainless steel with electrolytic polished.
  2. Thickness of eachbasket: 2 mm.


  1. Leafy vegetable: 10-15KG/each time
  2. Rhizome: 20- 25KG/each time