Two Wash Tanks for Continuous Floatation and Bubble Washer FT-111A

FoodTec has designed a multifunctional washer with two wash tanks for continuous floatation and bubble washing with cold water. The machine can be used for washing variety of fruits, leaf vegetables or root vegetables of sliced or uncut condition. The design for double wash tanks is especially for rinsing delicately the whole fruits, it can not only achieve a thorough washing effect but also retain a good appearance of products. Between the two wash tanks is equipped with stainless steel turbo blowers to create plentiful bubbles during the wash process, and make the products floated in the water and washed in a gentle but sufficient way. Upper the two wash tanks are equipped with adjustable stainless steel nozzles to reinforce the washing ability and the intensity of spraying water can be adjusted by the ball valves. The automatic washing function is controlled by the conveyor system that drives the products into the water from the first tank to the second tank for washing, and the retention time for hygienic treatment of washing is adjustable. The optional equipment for sanitizing in food processing operations depends on the need of customers, it can be extra equipped with the washer for sterilization of processing products. By the side of the machine body is mounted the filters that can float the light vegetable residues or bugs then drain out. There are also filters at the bottom of wash tank that some dirt or soil particles can fall to the bottom and then drain out. The Optional cooling pipe system on both sides of wash tank is an additional device that can keep the products fresh during the wash process. The washer can be integrated with variety of vegetable washers plus a set of centrifuge system and finally ended up with the automatic packaging line to fulfill all the functions in food processing operations.
  • The design for double wash tanks is able to make products washed thoroughly and retain products in a good appearance.
  • This washer is suitable for continuous washing of whole fruits and uncut vegetables.
  • The conveyors are controlled by a control system of microcomputer frequency conversion, and the washing speed is also adjustable.
  • The Optional cooling pipe system on both sides of wash tank to keep the water at constant low temperature.
  • The intensity of bubble wash can be adjustable.
  • The flow of washing water can be adjustable.
  • The fittings of Food-Grade Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubing and Piping for easy clean and maintenance.
  • Using the removable special filter side plates.
  • Equipped with the interceptor and filter tank.
  • Dimension: L8550 x W1800 x H1830mm
  • Gear speed reducer with motor 1HP x 1 unit
  • Stainless steel turbo blower 1HP x 2 units
  • All stainless steel of turbine pump 5HP x 1 unit
  • All stainless steel of turbine pump 3HP x 1 unit
  • The pause switch of conveyors x 1unit
  • Total horse power: 11HP